We are a company established in 1972 that supplies chemical intermediate goods to the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food, veterinary, and industrial sectors. We represent more than 25 companies from different parts of the world which are dedicated to the manufacturing of chemical intermediate goods and other raw materials, machinery makers for the pharmaceutical industry and other related industries, factories that produce PW and WFI water, Turn-key Projects (applying the cleanroom technology), among others. Likewise, we commercialize goods of local distribution such as corn starch and vitamins.


We guide our behaviour towards a work ethics based on trust, hence creating an environment of support, harmony and team work that help up to grow and to respond to changes with courage. Due to the optimal way we manage our organization, we facilitate our clients to obtain greater benefits by attending their needs on time and with assurance.

Keys to Success

  • Wide variety of intermediate goods
  • Advisory on formulations and up-to-date pharmaceutical and cosmetic issues, with the support of the companies we represent
  • Excellent customer service
  • Qualified sales personnel
  • Immediate response to requirements
  • Large stocks