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The client when submit this information accepts and acknowledges the terms of attention to complaint such as:
1.In order to fulfill your claim is necessary to have all of the information required as a minimum in this form, including your contact
updated. If the information provided is insufficient for analysis and assessment shall be declared inadmissible.
2. The deadline for filing claims and requirements is 30 calendar days, which may be extended depending on their complexity, notice by e-mail
you insert in the form for sending the answer.
3. From the date indicated in this form as estimated time to resolve, will be available to answer your complaint in any of our centers
nationwide or you can also apply to our Central (511) 411-6868 from Lima or provinces.
4.Allow ​​to DROCERSA S.A. to provide this information to INDECOPI if required by this organism.
5. THE CLIENT herein expressing full accordance with the contents thereof and as proof of receipt, copy is sent to your email and another copy is held by the COMPANY.
6.If the client does not send the PDF from the Format and Weight (Less than 5 mb) Right this can or may not be used for any type of claim.
7.The formulation of claim does not prevent resorting to other ways of settling disputes and is not a prerequisite for filing a complaint with the INDECOPI.